The Premium Pricing Program is for customers that can order a full master case of an item and have an order minimum of $1,000 per order on a regular basis. Once you are an established customer and you can meet the requirements you will be given a code to register into our site as a premium customer. You will then have access to our premium pricing tier.


Placing Orders

As a PPP customer, you can order from the non-premium pricing tier with no minimum limit. Once you order an item from the premium pricing tier your minimum order becomes $1,000. You can order from any tier to meet the minimum requirement



All PPP customers will have their shipping calculated when their order is ready to ship. This will give us the option to calculate the cheapest possible way to ship your order. Shipping charges will be added to your order after checkout.

If you have any questions regarding our (PPP) please feel free to contact us at (215) 342-2121