Let ErosWholesale.com Help You Take The Reins At Your Kentucky Derby Party

The Kentucky Derby has been called “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” As such, it has become an event that’s filled with pageantry and spectacle. From lavish suits, ascots, and elegant dresses, to ornately-woven and decorated sun hats and a seemingly never-ending supply of mint juleps, it has all the pomp and grandiosity that one would expect from such a nationally-cherished event.

At ErosWholesale.com, we want your Derby party to be furlongs beyond the competition. So before the starting pistol is fired, you should hold your horses and make sure you have all the party supplies to make your Kentucky Derby party engaging and unforgettable.

ErosWholesale.com provides kids’ backpacks to buy in bulk and has all the gear you need to keep your party going for this year’s Run for the Roses.

Put a Lid On It

While the Derby is the biggest horse race of the year, it also serves as a fashion show. Decorative ladies’ hats, all adorned with elaborate designs abound there. Not to be outdone by this flaunting, you can supply your guests with bulk ladies’ woven sun hats from ErosWholesale.com, which can be customized with decorations of their choice, or simply worn as is.

Put On Your Horseshoes

OK, while we don’t exactly sell horseshoes, but we do sell horse-socks! We feature women’s novelty knee-high socks, printed with horse images to keep all your guests in the spirit of the Kentucky Derby, quite literally from head to toe.

Get Everyone Involved Down The Stretch

Kentucky Derby parties are a high-stakes affair, especially when it comes to getting everyone involved. At ErosWholesale.com, we have assorted horse figurine toys that you can hand out to kids and let them reenact their own Derby. They come in different colors and designs so children can pick their favorite contender and get in on the day’s action.

We even offer horse themed bulk dog toys to ensure no family members are left out of the festivities, and we also supply novelty lighters with horse graphics to give out as party favors.

ErosWholesale.com wants you to jockey into position as the go-to Derby party planner. Let us help you raise the stakes and take home the purse!

To order supplies for your Kentucky Derby party, or to buy wholesale backpacks for donation, call us at 1-888-376-7776 or visit https://www.eroswholesale.com/.


Skip The Apple This Teachers’ Day: Give Them School Supplies To Show Your Appreciation

Although its origins are in the 1950s, a yearly National Teachers’ Day wasn’t officially established until 1985. This special day is set aside to appreciate the extraordinary contributions that these educators make to society, our young people, and the entire community.  

However, it’s a sad fact that many of these teachers are often significantly underpaid, and their schools grossly underfunded. Fundraising efforts occasionally help, but most merely graze the surface of this issue. In fact, most teachers need to buy their own school supplies to supplement what they’re provided by the school district.  

It’s estimated that many educators across the country spend anywhere from $500-$1,000 of their own money each year on students’ supplies, like writing utensils, notebooks, study guides, and even digital supplies — whatever they need to create the ideal learning conditions.

Show Your Appreciation!

This year, Teachers’ Day falls on May 8th, and it’s time to show our children’s educators how vital they are to our communities. So ditch the apple, and consider giving school supplies, arts and crafts materials, and activities in bulk from ErosWholesale.com to the teachers and faculty who contribute so much to our society.

To show you care this Teachers’ Day, we offer a wide array of items for you to choose from, including coloring books, activity books, stencils, constructions paper, sketch pads, and many others.

You can also buy kids’ backpacks in bulk from ErosWholesale.com to provide to the classroom or any of your child’s fellow students who may need one. They even make great party favors to hand out at your next kid’s birthday bash. No matter the reason or recipient, we can help you provide the gifts that show you care about your community’s educators.

Everyday Heroes

Even though they don’t wear capes, teachers are the real-life heroes of society. They work tirelessly and selflessly to educate our children and prepare them for the challenges of the world. And there’s no better or more appropriate gift to give them than to empower them to properly do the jobs they so nobly chose. This year, show that appreciation by gifting them the necessary school supplies they desperately need to keep our kids learning and their minds growing.

To order bulk school supplies, arts and crafts materials, or to buy wholesale backpacks for donation, call us at 1-888-376-7776 or visit https://www.eroswholesale.com/.


The Toy Revolution Continues: Introducing Kinetic Flow Rings

Since ancient civilization, children have played with toys. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of those found at archaeological sites is the spinning top. This simply-designed but endlessly-entertaining trinket originated individually through different cultures all around the world. Concepts that we didn’t quite understand, like gravity and inertia, were at play, and they provided us with a pastime that fascinated our eyes and our minds.

By that same sense of wonder, ErosWholesale.com would like to present Kinetic Flow Rings, the newest and coolest toy in 2018. For over 60 years, ErosWholesale.com has been providing fun gifts and party supplies, like cheap flip flops to buy for weddings, and we now feature the state-of-the-art kinetic toy that has the industry on its toes.

Great For Kids

Kinetic Flow Rings are flat discs that pop open with the flick of a wrist or slap of the hand. As they open, the rings mesmerizingly rotate around an object such as broomsticks or even body parts like arms or legs. The rings provide a perpetual source of entertainment for children by creating not only dazzling and eye-catching rotational movement, but they also provide a tingling sensation on the skin

The deceptively simple shape of Kinetic Flow Rings create a tactile experience for the user, and kids can get creative with its uses. Rolling over arms, legs, or even a jump rope or hula hoop is feasible. This kind of gadget can inspire imagination in young children. The possibilities are endless.

Fun For Adults, Too

Sleekly-designed and immersively engaging, these Kinetic Flow RIngs are not only great for children’s gifts and parties, but they also make for great entertainment for adults as well. Use them after work to de-stress, mindlessly fiddle with them during your next phone call, or even break them out at your next cocktail party for some unbridled fun.

Educational Purposes

Kinetic Flow Rings can also be used as an educational toy. Math and science students of all ages will benefit from this gadget. Dubbed as a “4th-dimensional slinky,” the rings can illustrate such complicated concepts as translational and rotational energy and centripetal force, as well as other physics and mathematical concepts and ideas.

Kinetic Flow Rings are available right now at ErosWholesale.com. To get started on ordering these innovative toys, or to buy flip flops in bulk, call 1-888-376-7776 or visit https://www.eroswholesale.com/.

How To Make Your Next Baseball Tailgate A Home Run

It’s almost spring, and we’re about to resume enjoying one of our country’s favorite pastimes — Major League Baseball. At ErosWholesale.com, we understand that no experience of attending a game is complete without the other half of game day tradition — the tailgate party.

Tailgating has become such a vital component of any live sporting experience that its adherents have adopted it as a science, with each tailgater having their winning formula or recipe for the perfect tailgating experience.

At ErosWholesale.com, you can buy flip-flops and other products in bulk, and we know there’s only one main reason for tailgating — to have fun. And with our help, you can make your next tailgate party the most memorable one yet.

Gear For Awesome Activities

We have some novel ideas to keep the party going and your guests engaged, so purchase these products from ErosWholesale.com to create fun games and activities for your next tailgate party:

Ping Pong Balls

Countless games and activities can be played with these versatile and ubiquitous balls. Not only can you keep your guests occupied with a classic game of ping pong, but you can also play a game of “ponginator,” where players attempt to bounce the balls into an empty egg carton. Other ping pong ball games include “blowball” where players try to use their breath to blow individually-colored balls from a plate or other surface. Also, these balls provide countless opportunities for custom-made and invented games as well.

Multi Colored Plastic Cups

These plastic cups create many opportunities for fun games, including skilled cup-flipping contests and others. Also, challenges of hand-eye coordination using the cups’ seemingly inseparable partner, ping pong balls, can also be an entertaining way to pass the time before heading into the stadium. Place the cups on a waist-high and level surface to get your guests to toss ping pong balls in for a rivalry-creating and lively team competition.


We also provide balloons in bulk to keep the party going. Aside from the obvious uses of a water balloon fight or balloon toss, we suggest customizing your guests’ experience by bringing a whiffle ball bat and filling the balloons with some water for a little batting practice.

To place an order for supplies for your next tailgate party, to buy cheap flip flops for your wedding, or for any other information regarding our products, call 1-800-376-7776 or visit https://www.eroswholesale.com/.

Fill Up Your Easter Basket with These Five Great Finds!

Don’t wait until the end of March to start looking for the best toys and candies to fill up your family’s Easter baskets. Last minute shopping will leave you with limited choices at too-high prices. But you might not have the time to hop from store to store in search of the best presents.

That’s when online shopping saves the day. Here at ErosWholesale.com, the online party supply wholesaler, we offer dozens of Easter items for sale. We sell these products in bulk packages that are perfect for parties and events, filling everyone’s Easter baskets without breaking the bank.

Here are some great items that will thrill the kids on Easter morning:

Easter Baskets with Checker Pattern Liner

Before you can start filling up Easter baskets, you need to buy a few! These adorable baskets are made with light-colored, natural bamboo. The checked pattern liner tucked around it — available in red and blue — adds a quaint, country feel. They are the perfect choice for Easter egg hunts, carrying freshly-dyed Easter eggs, or leaving presents from the Easter bunny.

Mighty Malts Speckled Egg Chocolates

What’s Easter without a little chocolate? These speckled, pastel eggs are a spring favorite, combining delicious malted milk chocolate with the whimsy of an egg hunt.

Easter Light-Up Bracelets and Necklaces

This unique, light-up jewelry has an Easter-themed symbol that will appeal to everyone: a cool Easter egg painted in zigzags, a cute bunny, a happy chick. Children will want to show off these bracelets and necklaces long after Easter is over.

Egg Dye Coloring Kits

Dyeing eggs has never been so fun and easy! Our egg dye coloring kits feature your family’s favorite characters from Despicable Me, My Little Pony, Shopkins, Cars, Star Wars, and the Avengers. With these kits, you can dye eggs, wrap them in different designs of “wrap-its,” or cover them in stickers.

Bunny Ear Headbands

Everyone in the family will love these bunny ear headbands. Each headband is made of polka-dot felt and includes a small bow. It comes in pastel pink, sunny yellow, royal purple, and bright blue.

Start Filling Up Your Easter Basket!

Whether you are looking to buy cheap flip flops for a wedding, decorations for a birthday party, or gifts for Easter Sunday, you can find the item that you need at https://www.eroswholesale.com.

Five Items To Buy for Your Dream Wedding

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding for years: from the perfect venue to the wedding favors you’ll send home with your guests. There are so many precious little details that will make your wedding date truly your day.

As an online party supply wholesaler with an extensive inventory, we offer the beautiful wedding items you need in large enough quantities to satisfy your big guest list, and we don’t charge outrageous wedding prices.

Here are a few great items to pick up before your wedding day:

White Flip Flops for Your Wedding Party

An elegant pair of high heels may look beautiful walking down the aisle or carefully posed in gorgeous wedding pictures. After the ceremony, however, many brides and bridesmaids are ready to kick off the heels and enjoy the reception. You can offer everyone in your wedding party a comfortable, lightweight pair of Women’s White Flip Flops to wear on the dance floor.

The Just Married Wedding Banner

Show the world how excited you are about your wedding with a light blue Just Married Wedding Banner. Stretching six feet, this huge banner is ideal to hang over a banquet table at your reception or (if you’re feeling particularly playful) across the front of your home.

Beautiful Wedding Angel Figurine

Give your guests an unforgettable wedding favor with a 5.25-inch polyresin Wedding Angel Figurine. The box this lovely angel comes in features a poem honoring weddings. For an added touch, you can give this wedding favor to your guests in one of our stunning, iridescent glitter medium wedding gift bags.

Wedding Transfers and Stickers for Scrapbooking

After the ceremony (and your honeymoon!), you may want to put together an old-fashioned wedding scrapbook. That’s why we offer two great items to add pizzazz to your photos. Our Fresh Verse Wedding Cardstock Stickers and Wedding Sayings Rub-On Transfers both feature wedding phrases and symbols in a variety of colors, fonts, and styles.

Wedding Thank You Cards

Don’t forget to say thank you! Your guests deserve recognition for coming out to support you on your big day, so send them each a Wedding Thank You Card. These card and envelope combinations come in eight designs, including classic white roses on soft yellow, delicate white ribbon with elegant dove grey trim, and zebra print with a hot pink stripe.

Are You Ready to Start Shopping?

Start prepping for your wedding today when you check out the great selection at ErosWholesale.com. Whether you are looking to buy cheap flip flops for your wedding or fun stickers for a bridal scrapbook, we have exactly what you need.

3 Must-Haves For Super Bowl Party Hosts

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party this year? If so, you’ll need to stock up on all of the essential items to make your party a success. After all, the Super Bowl only happens once a year. If you’re looking to impress your guests and keep your own peace of mind, you need to get a headstart on your shopping before the big day.

If you want your party to be an event that your neighbors recall fondly, you’ll need to make sure you have everything your guests could possibly want. But if you have a lot of guests coming, it might be hard to find all of those things in one place. It could also be difficult to find the number of items you need for a fair price at a store. That’s why ErosWholesale.com has you covered.

ErosWholesale.com, the leading place to buy backpacks in bulk, has everything you need for your Super Bowl party. We carry party supplies, cleaning tools, and everything else to help you and your guests have the best party possible.

When you’re shopping for your Super Bowl party, make sure you’re considering these three must-haves:

1. Food

Food is the staple of every Super Bowl party. We’re sure that you’ll remember to order a wing platter and large pizza for the big day, but it’s easy to forget everything that goes with the food. That’s where we come in. At ErosWholesale.com, we sell disposable cutlery and plates in bulk. This way, you won’t have to worry about running out of forks or using your good dishes. This makes the eating easier for your party-goers, and then the cleaning up easier for you.

2. Decorations

Support your favorite team by decking out your house with decorations. We sell streamers, banners, and other decorations in almost every color. You can purchase decorations that match your team’s uniforms to show your spirit. When guests walk in, they’ll instantly feel the need to celebrate and cheer on their team of choice.

3. Fun items and activities for party guests

Keep your party guests entertained with some fun favors. Guests can put on some “beer glasses” during the commercials or use a noisemaker every time their favorite team scores a touchdown. Make your party interactive and fun with souvenirs and small gifts for all guests to take home.

Get ready for the party by finding everything needed for game day from ErosWholesale.com. You can save the effort of running from store-to-store while still getting everything needed to impress your guests, and all at the touch of a button.

To check everything off of your Super Bowl Sunday list, or buy wholesale flip flops before summer arrives, visit https://www.eroswholesale.com/ or call 1-888-376-7776.

4 Tips On How To Capitalize on Customers’ New Year’s Resolution

With 2018 upon us, many of us are looking ahead to a clean slate. From lifestyle adjustments to diet changes and everything else in between, people want to feel that they are doing all the right things to have a happy, healthy 2018. And, while you may only know us as a distributor that offers wholesale socks, athletic apparel, and other bulk items to retailers, you are about to know us as a staunch advocate for New Year’s resolutionists. Check out our tips on how you can capitalize on your customers’ New Year’s resolutions.

1.) Stock Up On Workout Gear and Athletic Apparel

It’s not much of a surprise that losing weight and getting into shape are a few of the most common resolutions people make in the New Year. Knowing this, it will benefit retailers to offer special deals that are geared towards athletic apparel, workout gear, sport socks, and similar items. Luckily, at Eros Wholesale, we offer all these products in bulk, allowing you to get exactly what you need at a price you will love. We have the best supply of men’s and women’s wholesale athletic sportswear, which will surely be flying off the shelves during the first couple months of the year.  


  2.) Keep Cold Weather Gear Available

Just because the holiday season is over doesn’t mean winter weather gear sales need to slow down. Customers are always going to need gear to keep them warm during their cold weather outdoor activities, which is why your retail store needs to buy our wholesale thermal socks online. Nothing is worse than cold feet, and our bulk thermal socks are just what your customers are looking for.


3.) Think Ahead To Upcoming Holidays

If you are tired of running New Year’s resolution specials and are looking to change things up, think about any upcoming holidays. For example, not too long after the New Year is Valentine’s Day, and Easter, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July come up more quickly than you realize! Retailers save when they shop for party supplies on our website. Save yourself money and stay ahead of the competition by having supplies ready for an upcoming holiday.   

4) Get Into the Giving Spirit

On our website, retailers and their customers alike can get into the giving spirit through our donation registry. The registry page is extremely easy to navigate and is a perfect place for those who have resolved to do more charitable giving in 2018. Functioning just like a gift registry, we make it simple for both retailers and customers to ask for donations for their charitable cause, as well as find charitable initiatives to donate to.   


Whatever resolution your customers plan on keeping in 2018, Eros Wholesale has countless products and apparel that can help anyone with virtually any resolution. Take a look at your inventory and explore our site if you need to replenish your stock by buying wool socks or other products from Eros.


If you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear them! Send them to us on social media and have a happy, safe New Year!

3 Holiday Party Ideas That You Can Try This Year

With the calendar year quickly approaching its end, two things begin to happen. Offices begin to run out of supplies, and the holiday party planning begins. Planning an event is a complicated process, but Eros Wholesale aims to make it as simple as possible by offering large quantities of items to accommodate all guests. While many people’s first instinct is to head to the party store to collect all the items necessary, shopping for online party supplies is easier with a wholesale provider like Eros Wholesale. After you have all the supplies you need, you’ll need to come up with a cool theme for this year’s party. Here are three holiday party ideas that could inspire you.

1.) Gingerbread House Decorating Contest  

Making gingerbread houses has to be one of everybody’s favorite things to around the holiday time. So, why not incorporate this favorite pastime and make it into a contest amongst partygoers? Have all the necessary supplies at the ready, pick a judge, create a few categories, set the time, and let the games begin. This will be sure to keep everyone in a playful mood all night long.

2.) The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

Every holiday party doesn’t have to be decorated with red ribbons, tinsel, and bright lights. If you still feel in the Halloween mood when your holiday party rolls around, take up The Nightmare Before Christmas style party. Show up in costumes, make-up, and who knows, maybe even have a merry jack-o’-lantern carving station.

3.) Reverse Christmas in July Party

We just told you about a way to make your holiday party a little more spookier. So, why not find a way to forget about the cold outside and bring a little bit of summer to your holiday party? Get the beach balls out, throw some sand down, bring your beach chair, and throw a party that your guests won’t forget for a while.   

With the new year just ahead, make sure you have your holiday party themes created so you can throw the holiday party of the year. You can also make sure the whole office has all the supplies it needs when you use an online office supply wholesaler like Eros Wholesale.

5 Cold Weather Activities To Do This Winter

The winter season to means many cold nights spent inside beside the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. But for winter enthusiasts, the low temperatures mean it’s time to get outside and take part in their favorite winter activity. If you never considered yourself to be a fan of the cold season, but you’re open to trying something new this year, here are five cold weather activities to do this winter.

1.) Go Sledding

Sledding is a fun event for the whole family to enjoy. All you need is some snow in the forecast, a local hill, and a sled. Children of all ages can enjoy the thrill of gliding over the snow without reaching the top speeds that skiers gain going down a steep mountain experience.  

2.) Build a Snowman

While this is another activity that requires snow to be in the forecast, it still serves as a cold weather activity the whole family can enjoy this winter. From rolling up giant snowballs to form the body to placing all the accessories in the right spot, your newly built snowman will be the pride of your front or backyard, hopefully for more than a day!

3.) Check Out Your Town’s Holiday Setup

Most towns throughout the country will set up some sort of holiday-themed area. You can simply check local websites to see if a tree lighting ceremony will take place or any other holiday exhibits are scheduled.

4.) Have a Bonfire

Nothing like a fire to warm you up from the cold weather. Though it may be a tough task to get the whole family outside for a fire, kids will surely hop right off the couch at the opportunity to have roast marshmallows, and create s’mores.  

5.) Tubing or Ski Trip

If you are feeling really adventurous and want to step out of your comfort zone, pack up the car and hit up the closest mountain resort for a day filled with tubing or skiing. Who knows, after a couple runs down the slopes, you may find out that you are a natural.  

No matter what cold weather activity you enjoy this winter, you always want to stay bundled up. Eros Wholesale provides customers with the opportunity to buy wholesale winter accessories as well as the ability to buy socks online in bulk to keep you and the whole family warm this winter.