A Winner is Coming

We pride ourselves on being more than just an online office supply wholesaler. Earlier this summer, ErosWholesale.com announced a contest where we would be giving away a $500 product donation to the charity who won our Facebook contest. Over the span of a few weeks, members of the Facebook community sent in their votes through the comment section of our post for the charity they believed was most deserving of the grand prize.  After the voting closed and the results were tallied up, we were so blown away by the response that it made it difficult to choose a single winner — so we chose two!!  Are you ready to find out which charities they are?

Drum roll, please!

The winning charities of Eros Wholesale’s $500 product donation contest are Silly Sock Saturdays and New Life Community Health Center! If you voted in the contest, we appreciate your submissions! Let’s learn a little bit more about our winners, who each will receive a grand prize donation of $500 to purchase cold weather accessories, school supplies, and other essential items available on our website.

First up, we have Silly Sock Saturdays. Here are 3 things you need to know about this deserving charity:

  • It was founded by Zachary Kirkland, a 9th grader at Lake Wales High School in Florida. Zachary is a Boy Scout working on earning his Eagle Rank!
  • The main focus of the organization is bringing joy to children in hospitals by providing them with differently designed socks filled with items such as coloring books or toys.
  • His non-profit organization hopes to participate in many more activities to help members of their community.

Congrats to Zachary and the rest of the team at Silly Sock Saturdays on winning $500 worth of products and bringing happiness to those who need it the most! If you would like to help out Zachary and his heartwarming charity, feel free to check out their website at www.sillysocksaturday.com and consider making a donation. You can even donate socks directly through their registry with ErosWholesale.com.

Our second winner is the folks at New Life Community Health Center. Here are 3 things you need to know about the non-profit organization:

  • New Life Community Health Center works to transform lives by providing health care tailored to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of immigrants and the underinsured residents of west/central Queens, New York.
  • Each summer, volunteers help with community health fairs. Over the years, they have cared for more than 3,500 people from over 84 nations.
  • One of their main objectives is to encourage minority groups of young people to get involved in health care professions by providing mentorships, scholarships, and internships. 

We applaud the selflessness of the volunteers at New Life Community Health Center for the care they give those less fortunate than others. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with New Life Community Health Center, check out their website at http://www.nlchc.org/.

Congratulations to both winners!
Do you know a deserving charity? Want to make a meaningful donation? Consider buying cheap backpacks in bulk, or any of the other quality products available on our site.

Start Voting Now for Your Favorite 501(c)(3) Charity to Win the $500 ErosWholesale.com Product Giveaway Donation

Start Voting Now for Your Favorite 501(c)(3) Charity to Win the $500 ErosWholesale.com Product Giveaway Donation

Throughout the years that ErosWholesale.com has spent as a wholesale distributor, we have worked with clients from all walks of life looking to buy bulk goods. Many of our customers order with us for their online retail stores, walk-in shops, and other businesses, but we also provide our services for those looking to give back to their local communities. We have earned a reputation for more than just our durable products that come at a cheap price, we also have come to be recognized as a company that cares. Continue reading

Announcing $500 Product Giveaway to 501(c)(3) Charity

Announcing $500 Product Giveaway to 501(c)(3) Charity

Donate with ErosWholesale.com and Celebrate Your Favorite Cause!

As a wholesale distributor that sells and ships bulk goods to companies across the country in need, Eroswholesale.com has garnered a reputation for our excellence in quality products and our ability to provide large quantities of items at significantly low prices. Our motivation is to enable more donations to charities throughout the United States, and so we have taken steps towards making donating easier.

This summer we will be giving away $500 worth of donations to a reputable 501(c)(3) organization. Not only will one deserving charity receive supplies like socks, shirts, and other essential items, but customers who like our Facebook page and comment on our announcement post will be able to choose which charity the donation goes to. The 501(c)(3) charity that receives the most votes will be gifted with our donation.

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5 Reasons Why Your Store Needs Flip Flops in Stock This Summer

Flip flops are ubiquitous on the feet of pedestrians in the summer. The lightweight summer shoe is popular with both men and women of all ages. While the rubber flip flops that are most common today have been around since the 1960s, thong-style sandals date back as far as ancient Egypt. The current variety is derived from Japanese sandals called zōri, which were brought to the United States after World War II.

Flip flops remain a favorite accessory, especially among young people. Here at ErosWholesale.com, we carry sandals in dozens of different styles. Here are five reasons why you should keep flip flops in stock this season:

  • Flip flops are like potato chips — you can’t have just one. Most people have more than one pair of sandals, and they may even buy one or more new pairs each season. Because flip flops come in so many colors and styles, and they are relatively inexpensive, many people amass a small collection, allowing them to have something to match every item in their summer wardrobe.

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Celebrate Summer Savings on Party Supplies with ErosWholesale.com

As the days grow longer and more people’s schedules free up during the warming months, there is an inevitable increase in celebratory events. Whether you are an online retailer looking to replenish your summer stock, a small business searching for supplies, or a party planner in need of provisions, ErosWholesale.com is the only wholesale distributor you will need to meet every party supply demand.

You can view our full inventory online, but we have taken the time to highlight a few of the most prospective popular summer event supplies for 2017:

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Sunshine = Online Shoppers: Our Top 5 Summer Items for Online Retailers

At ErosWholesale.com, we believe in the importance of small businesses like yours; in fact, we started as one ourselves over sixty years ago. After growing from a regional hosiery distributor to a wholesale distributor of more than 15,000 products from many different lines, we still haven’t lost the values and ideals that ErosWholesale.com was founded upon.

We want to help independent business owners hold your own against the corporate chains by providing wholesale value prices for lower-volume orders that other wholesalers will only sell in bulk. Through us, hobbyists, retailers, party planners and charity organizations can order inventory directly, rather than hunting down independent brands or product lines.

Our job is to make yours easier, and one of the things that can help you make the most profit with the least amount of loss is being prepared ahead of time for the spikes in sales surrounding specific categories of products at various times of the year. During spring (and even before then), is when you should begin ordering for the summer.

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A Year in Review, Thanks to YOU.

Thank you.  Seriously…THANK YOU.  In a year that, for many, seems to be doing everything it can to leave us with more questions than answers (really, 2016…Gene Wilder?  George Michael?  Princess Leia?), coming to work here at Eros has been very grounding.  While entropy seems to be having a field day in the world around us, the path we’ve traveled as a team here at Eros has been nothing but focused, rewarding, and inspiring.  At the end of the day, as cliche as it may sound, you – our customers both present and potential, are the biggest member of that team.  Without you, none of this would have happened, or would be happening.  So as we prepare to turn the page and write the next chapter, I wanted to give you all some insight into where we’ve gotten as a team this year.

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Holiday Shipping Guidelines

It’s Official – 2 Weeks ‘Till Christmas!

Consequently, that means a lot of you are going to have the same question for us: “Will I get my order by [insert date] if I put my order in right now?”

The answer to that question varies based on a few factors, but it starts is the same place…

If you want to receive your order before Christmas, we encourage you to put your order in right now – don’t wait.  We’re already in the zone where waiting an extra day may impact the answer to that question negatively.

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2017: Nonprofit Strategic Planning with Big Business Insight

We consider ourselves extremely lucky at Eros.  Throughout the year,  we get the chance to work with an incredibly broad range of customers.  On one end of the spectrum are the party parents buying socks and decorations for their kid’s birthdays, the families stocking up on school supplies, and the Etsy entrepreneurs sourcing craft supplies for their next top seller.  On the other end, are retail businesses with hundreds of locations, and non-profit organizations with worldwide reach.  These dynamic interactions and relationships have given us a unique vantage point, and insight into the fact that there are some core concepts relevant to many shades of Eros shopper.

One of the pillars on which this blog was conceived is giving back some of that insight we’ve amassed, so today we’re going to talk about one of those big business concepts that can be applied across many classes of organizations – even fledgling non-profits.

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Wholesale Wednesday – Bulk Discounts Before Black Friday!

Update (11/23/2016): Wholesale Wednesday is live now!

Click here to view over 3,200 items at their lowest price all year!

Our Biggest Sale of the Year!

For our third year running, we’re proud to lead the industry in kicking off the Holiday Season with our Wholesale Wednesday discounts.

We all love Black Friday, but there’s one big problem…many of our customers are usually way too busy selling that day to even think about buying.  So how do we accommodate that?  Easy – we give you access to our biggest discounts of the year two days early – before any doors (or pant seams) are busted!

Starting this Wednesday, and running all the way through Black Friday, you’ll see discounts on thousands of items across our entire site.

So what exactly will that entail, you ask?

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