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  Eros Donation Registries

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Eros Donation Registries

Eros Donation Registries are perfect for....

* Churches     * Teachers     * Schools

* Ministries     * Veterans Associations     * Volunteer Networks

* Animal Charities     * Elderly Services     * & More!!


How does it work?

Similar to a gift registry, you can choose the items your organization needs most from the thousands of products here on  We'll then provide you with a small HTML snippet you can paste into the coding of your website to add a button for your visitors to directly access your Donation Registry.  If you don't have a website, don't worry!  We have built-in promotional tools that you can use to send a customized invitation to your email contacts, Facebook audience, or Twitter followers.  However they get here, your donors will land on your customized Donation Registry web page, where they'll see all the items you've featured.  They'll be able to purchase those items right from that page, and we'll ship them directly to you!

Who can sign up?

Anyone with a big heart and a noble cause!  We don't currently have any hardset requirements for the use of this tool, however we ask that you use it in keeping with the chartible spirit expressed on this page.

How do I get started?

Go to your My Account page, where you'll find the Donation Registry settings in the menu on the left.  That page will walk you through all the information require to get your Donation Registry activated.  Once that's done, you'll begin seeing "Add to Registry" links below each of the product listings here on  Clicking that link will add the item to your Registry, where you'll then be able to specify the quantity needed (in cases) as well as the priority.  That's it!  Once you have all the items you need listed, you'll be ready to start promoting your Donation Registry by placing the access button on your website and/or using the promotion tools discussed earlier.  You can access your Donation Registry settings, as well as the promotional tools anytime, by going to your My Account page.

We'll be with you along the way!

Your customized Donation Registry webpage will be created as soon you activate it.  Although it's a straight forward process, don't hesitate to contact us if any questions come up.  We're happy to help you get on your way to helping others! :)

Terms of Use: (Eros Hosiery Company of Delaware Valley, Inc.) is not affiliated with the organizations who utilize this tool.  We do not screen the users, nor do we make any claims as to the authenticitity or non-profit status of these organizations. If you purchase items on any of the Donation Registries on, you are fully responsible for vetting the organization(s) you donate to.  Please do whatever research you feel is necessary to make a sound judgement prior to making a purchase.  All purchases are bound by our Return Policy and under no circumstances will refunds be provided without the merchandise being returned.  We reserve the right to revoke access to this tool at anytime, at our sole discretion, without notice.


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